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We Can Decontaminate Businesses Of All Kinds


Healthcare facilities both large and small require safe and effective disinfection services. We service hospitals and outpatient clinics across Northeast Ohio with a process that is safe and effective. Our process supplements conventional cleaning services and provides you with an extra layer of protection with validated results.

We are also capable of decontaminating facilities where infectious outbreaks have occurred and prevent pathogens from reproducing on hard and soft surfaces with our extended anti-microbial surface protection.

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1st Responders

EMT and 1st responders depend on disinfected equipment to safely transport patients and respond to emergencies. Ecosense protects those that protect others. We routinely disinfect law enforcement, EMT, and firefighting vehicles to keep them safe from harmful microorganisms that cause disease and infection.

Our work is not relegated to just your vehicles; We can also help keep your booking rooms, interview rooms, jails, workout areas, locker rooms and living quarters free from dangerous germs, bacteria, and viruses.

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Jails, prisons, and other correctional facilities are increasingly at risk for the spread of infection. Correctional officers and other staff routinely come into contact with areas where contamination is likely. Infection among inmates is also a serious problem that can be mitigated by routine disinfection and anti-microbial protection.

Many correctional facilities have a small window of time for cleaning and disinfection. That’s why we deploy a powerful process that works fast, allowing us to disinfect within the time constraints of many correctional facilities.

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Assisted Living

Assisted Living facilities seek to provide a high level of comfort and safety for residents and staff alike.  We service assisted living facilities across Northeast Ohio, keeping residents free from contamination and disease.  In nursing homes and mental health facilities, routine disinfection can reduce employee absenteeism, improve morale, and benefit those you serve.

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Food Service

Food manufacturing facilities and restaurants look to the best service providers in the industry to ensure that the highest standards of disinfection and safety are maintained. Because the invisible enemy resides in hard to reach places, Ecosense utilizes revolutionary technologies capable of decontaminating unseen nooks and crannies that harbor troublesome pathogens.

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Safety is a top priority for educational facilities, day care centers and parents. Ecosense protects schools and other learning environments with a process that is safe and effective. Unlike conventional cleaning practices that give you the outward appearance of being safe, we validate the absence of harmful pathogens you can’t see, and offer extended protection from the spread of disease.

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Athletic facilities like yours help athletes perform at the top of their game and provide a healthy outlet for the rest of us. This is why we take health and safety to heart by disinfecting with products that are both effective and safe.  So, if you maintain an exercise facility, you can trust Ecosense to help keep your space free from harmful contamination.

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Transportation has dangers besides just collisions. Private and public vehicles often harbor dangerous germs and infectious diseases.  It is our job to ensure that collision is the only potential danger you face when you get into a vehicle. Ecosense services commercial and privately owned vehicles of all kinds across Northeast Ohio.

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Savvy building owners and companies in the Cleveland, Akron and Canton area are promoting healthy facilities to attract and maintain loyal customers and employees. And with our safe and effective products, your work spaces will stay clean and free of harmful contaminants for an extended period of time.

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We service a variety of health, wellness, and beauty facilities.  Whether your business provides rejuvenating spa treatments, artfully designed tattoos, or healthy tanning solutions, trust Ecosense to keep your equipment and facilities free of infection and disease.

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We have a confession. We have a soft spot for animals. Across Northeast Ohio, from Cleveland to Canton, veterinary clinics, animal shelters and agricultural facilities rely on us to eliminate infectious disease, and protect both people and animals. Woof. Woof.

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When you get home, germs and odors should be the least of your worries.  We understand your concerns, and work hard to provide a pleasant and healthy environment, especially those with compromised immune systems who are recuperating at home.

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Germs and infectious diseases live everywhere, manufacturing facilities are no exception.  Operators of controlled environment and regulated manufacturing facilities go to great lengths to ensure a contamination free facility. With our unique products and process, we minimize the interruption to your production schedule. We free your facility from those invisible enemies and prevent little problems from becoming big problems.

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