Athletic Facilities

Providing a layer of protection against infection at athletic facilities across northeastern Ohio.

About The Invisible Enemy

Bacteria and viruses are stronger than ever. They travel faster, farther, and are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics and traditional disinfection techniques. Much of what once worked to combat these dangerous microbes becomes less effective with every passing day.

People who spend time at the gym are increasingly at risk from contamination. If you own a gym, yoga studio, or other athletic facility, an infectious outbreak can be devastating both in terms of the financial cost involved and the damage done to your reputation.

Ecosense Offers A Practical Solution

Enter Ecosense. We offer athletic facilities of all types across Northeastern Ohio access to the world’s most modern decontamination and infection prevention technologies. We treat the surfaces in your building and vehicles in a way that makes them resistant to strains of bacteria, viruses, and other types of contaminants. We build a shield for you that offers constant protection, and we do so in a way that is verifiable and affordable.

Ecosense infection and control programs include the following:

  • Assessment and testing
  • State of the art products and equipment
  • Training and education
  • Monitoring and compliance

Contact us today to see how we can help keep your athletic facility safe from harmful microorganisms. We offer free testing and risk assessments.

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We can achieve a 99.9999% bio-burden reduction of spores, bacteria, viruses and fungi hiding in difficult to reach areas.


Our treatments are applied quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing minimal downtime at your facility.


Our preferred products have low toxicity ratings without harmful chemical residuals, which helps keep everyone safe.


Our services are affordable and significantly less expensive than the cost of a recall or outbreak.

Disinfection And Prevention At Athletic Facilities

Gyms and Health Clubs

People come to you to improve their health and feel better about themselves, not to get sick and feel worse. Gyms and health clubs are notorious breeding grounds for germs, odors and infectious diseases. We protect your customers and your business reputation from harmful exposure by reducing contamination in high risk areas including:

  • Weight training areas and equipment
  • Treadmills, cycling equipment, exercise mats and balls
  • Locker rooms and showers
  • High-touch fixtures (water fountains, etc.)
  • Child care areas and toys

Many fitness facilities across northeastern Ohio, including the greater Cleveland, Akron, and Canton areas, are taking the necessary precautions to protect their clients from the spread of disease by using Ecosense’s 24/7 Protection from Infection program.

We offer fitness facilities an affordable solution to keeping the surfaces resistant to harmful bacteria (including those nasty gym smells) and viruses. We can even treat your HVAC system to ensure that the air circulating through your facility is fresh smelling and odor free. And we do it without using bleach, meaning that your equipment will last longer and look better, protecting your investment and profitability.

Your business keeps people healthy, We keep it that way

Gym Health Club Disinfection
Odor Removal and Disinfection

Athletic Facility Odor Removal

It’s no secret that nasty smells can develop in athletic facilities and that controlling these offensive odors can be an expensive, time consuming and frustrating experience. If you own or manage a gym, health center, or yoga studio, and are increasingly frustrated that all of your hard work is being wasted, Ecosense can help.

Our technology takes advantage of some of the most advanced odor fighting techniques in the world. We don’t just mask smells – we eliminate them. Our oxidization process actually penetrates walls and other surfaces to reach odor causing molecules that would be impossible to reach otherwise. The entire process is non-toxic for humans, affordable, and can be applied with minimal disruption to your schedule. And we don’t stop there. We apply anti-microbial surface protection that keeps offensive odors from reoccurring for up to a year. Learn what top professional and college teams know…Ecosense saves you time and money.   

Learn more about our odor removal services.

Our Decontamination and Prevention Services Target:

Bacterial Endospores
Myco Bacteria
Small Non-Enveloped Viruses
Fungi & Mold
Gram (-) Negative Bacteria
Gram (+) Positive Bacteria
Large Non-Enveloped Viruses
Enveloped Viruses
Beta Lactums & Pinworms

From the easiest to destroy lipid viruses to the most difficult to kill bacterial spores, we craft a custom tailored plan which will protect your business from harmful contamination and save you time & money

Tailored Decontamination and Protection Plans

Ecosense disinfection process

Free Assessments

We offer free assessments of your exposure to harmful contamination by measuring the contamination levels at various locations throughout your facility. Based on your risk assessment, we put together a plan to help your facility fight harmful contamination and the spread of infection.


We decontaminate your facility using state of the art technologies and target dangerous microorganisms wherever they reside.

Long-Term Surface Protection

Our anti-microbial treatments, when applied after disinfection, provide an ongoing layer of protection against the invisible enemy. We’ll take follow up readings every 3 months to help ensure you’re protected over time. We’ll also train and work with your staff to ensure they’re doing all they can to reduce the threat of contamination.

Contact us today to see how we can help keep your athletic facility safe from infectious disease outbreaks.

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