Disinfection and decontamination services for public and private vehicles of all kinds. 

About The Invisible Enemy

Bacteria and viruses are stronger than ever. They travel faster, farther, and are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics and traditional disinfection techniques. Much of what once worked to combat these dangerous microbes becomes less effective with every passing day.

Vehicles of all kinds have the potential to harbor dangerous pathogens. School busses, mass transit busses, and other highly trafficked public transportation vehicles are particularly at risk.

Ecosense Offers A Practical Solution

At Ecosense, we routinely disinfect all modes of transportation across Northeast Ohio, including the greater Cleveland, Akron, and Canton areas. If you’re looking for disinfection services for your auto, marine, RV, airplane, public transportation, fleet rentals, or food transportation vehicles, you’ve come to the right place.

We treat the interior of vehicles in a way that permanently eliminates odors and makes them resistant to strains of bacteria, viruses, and other types of contaminants. We build a shield for you that offers constant protection, and we do so in a way that is verifiable and affordable. 18,000 satisfied customers per year know something…We handle the tuff stuff and we guarantee the results in writing.

Ecosense infection and control programs include the following:

  • Assessment and testing
  • State of the art products and equipment
  • Training and education
  • Monitoring and compliance

At Ecosense, we work with municipalities across Northeastern Ohio to help reduce contamination levels in busses, trains and special service vehicles. Our long lasting antimicrobial treatment ensures that public transportation vehicles have an extra layer of protection that works to fight microorganisms 24/7.

Contact us today to see how we can help keep your vehicle or fleet safe from harmful microorganisms. We offer free testing and risk assessments.

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We can achieve a 99.9999% bio-burden reduction of spores, bacteria, viruses and fungi hiding in difficult to reach areas.


Our treatments are applied quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing minimal downtime at your facility.


Our preferred products have low toxicity ratings without harmful chemical residuals, which helps keep everyone safe.


Our services are affordable and significantly less expensive than the cost of a recall or outbreak.

Professional Vehicle Decontamination Services

General Automotive

If you’ve bought a used vehicle and it has an offensive smell, or if you’re unsure of its cleanliness, it’s a good idea to get it disinfected. The average vehicle harbors 700 different bacteria types on each square centimeter, which adds up to millions across an entire car. That’s a lot of germs!

If you’re a dealer who’s purchased cars at auction or taken nice cars in on trade, only to have to send them to auction once warm weather reveals hidden odors, we need to talk.

Our vehicle disinfecting services work great for used cars and RV’s. Whether you’re an individual looking to get a recent purchase disinfected, or a dealership who wants to be able to certify their used car sales for cleanliness, you can count on Ecosense to treat and eliminate germs from any vehicle on your lot. You’ll find what savvy dealers using Ecosense already know…our affordable service pays for itself many times over.

car disinfection
Boat Disinfection

Marine Vessels

Boats, by their very nature, are a natural harbor for germs and microorganisms. Mold, mildew, food spoilage and bilge issues are common problems that contribute to odor issues.

At Ecosense, we work to reduce contamination levels in both commercial and private boats across Northeast Ohio. Our long lasting anti-microbial treatments continually work to fight the spread of odor causing bacteria and mold, helping to keep your ship free from bad smells.

Learn more about disinfection and odor removal services, and how they can work to eliminate the presence of germs and odors in your marine vessels.

Public Transportation

As you would expect, public transportation vehicles are a magnet for germs and a common source of infectious outbreaks. Particularly high risk areas include:

  • Hand grips/rails
  • Seats
  • Storage areas
  • Payment terminals

At Ecosense, we work with cities and municipalities across Northeastern Ohio with public transportation systems to help reduce contamination levels in busses, trains and special service vehicles. Our long lasting antimicrobial treatments ensure busses and trains have a layer of protection thats working to fight microorganisms 24/7.

Learn more about how we help keep public transportation systems free from contamination.

Public Transportation Disinfection
Rental Car Fleet Disinfection Services

Rental Fleets

Rental fleets need to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Ecosense offers a great service to fleet owners – by disinfecting and then applying our antimicrobial treatments to the interior of your vehicles, we provide long lasting protection against germ buildup and contamination. When combined with proper cleaning practices, this technique establishes a powerful barrier of protection, providing your customers the peace of mind that the vehicle they’re renting is as germ free as it can be. Ecosense protects your investment and maximizes the residual value of your fleet.

Learn more about how we can help keep your fleet free from contamination.

Food Transportation

Keeping food transportation vehicles and containers free from contamination is essential for public health. This becomes especially important for vehicles that transport fruit, vegetables, seafood and other meats which tend to be especially vulnerable to bacterial contamination and spoilage. Proper adherence to religious food handling practices is very challenging to navigate in today’s complicated supply chain.

Ecosense can help you keep your food transportation vehicles and containers free from harmful germs and microorganisms through our disinfection and long lasting antimicrobial treatments, and help insure that your product gets delivered in the way that you intended.

Food Transportation Disinfection

Our Decontamination and Prevention Services Target:

Bacterial Endospores
Myco Bacteria
Small Non-Enveloped Viruses
Fungi & Mold
Gram (-) Negative Bacteria
Gram (+) Positive Bacteria
Large Non-Enveloped Viruses
Enveloped Viruses
Beta Lactums & Pinworms

From the easiest to destroy lipid viruses to the most difficult to kill bacterial spores, we craft a custom tailored plan which will protect your business from harmful contamination and save you time & money

Tailored Decontamination and Protection Plans

Ecosense disinfection process

Free Assessments

We offer free assessments of your exposure to harmful contamination by measuring the contamination levels at various locations throughout your facility. Based on your risk assessment, we put together a plan to help your facility fight harmful contamination and the spread of infection.


We decontaminate your facility using state of the art technologies and target dangerous microorganisms wherever they reside.

Long-Term Surface Protection

Our anti-microbial treatments, when applied after disinfection, provide an ongoing layer of protection against the invisible enemy. We’ll take follow up readings every 3 months to help ensure you’re protected over time. We’ll also train and work with your staff to ensure they’re doing all they can to reduce the threat of contamination.

Contact us today to see how we can help keep your transportation facility safe from infectious disease outbreaks.

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