Food Processing Decontamination Services

Don’t Fear an FDA “Swab-a-Thon”. Be Prepared with a Plan and Data

We Protect Food Processors

from Harmful Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi hiding in difficult to reach critical areas, and in typical operating conditions, where standard methods often fail

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Ecosense Services Sanitization Decontamination

The Performance You Demand in Real World Conditions

  • Preventative Bio-Reduction
  • Facility & Equipment Commissioning
  • Emergency Bio-Decontamination
  • Before Introducing Used Equipment
  • After Packaging Line Modifications
  • Spiral Freezer Decontamination
  • Pre-Customer Audit
  • Regulatory Compliance

Your Low-Risk Choice when You Require Results Everywhere. Everytime

Food Processing

  • Fresh, Prepared and Frozen Foods
  • Ready to Eat Food Commissaries
  • Pet Food Manufacturers
  • Organic Food Processors
  • High Risk Food Groups

Problem Areas

  • Difficult to Clean Areas
  • Presence of Organics & Water
  • HVAC Systems & Ductwork
  • Spiral Freezers
  • Invisible Biofilm Formation

Harmful Contamination

  • Aerosolized Pathogens
  • Surface Transmitted Pathogens
  • Accelerated Spoilage
  • Changes in Composition
  • Biofilm Reproduction

Regulatory Compliance

  • FSMA
  • FDA
  • ORMI Organic Approval
  • GMP/HACCP Validation

The Real World … Many high risk food decontamination projects are performed on short notice with operational challenges that impedes the ability of most technologies to destroy contamination everywhere. Cycle validation is not practical or cost effective in these situations.

When you get one shot, and you better get it right.

This is where our ClorDiSys sterilization method shines. With flexible treatment parameters, performance is not compromised by hidden microscopic contamination, difficult to reach areas, equipment loading patterns, biofilms, light organic matter, residual water and temperature/humidity gradients.

Results are achieved the first time, every time.

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Supplemental Food Processing Decontamination Services

Biofilm Identification and Removal
Identify and address the source of many unpredictable spikes in microbial test results. Our curative and preventative programs compliment your in-house sanitization programs.

Validate Microbial Contamination
Let us provide you with extra assurance in critical situations with microbial swabbing and ANAB 17025 certified lab resources.

Certified ClorDiSys Service Provider
American Biological Safety Association
Institute of inspection cleaning and restoration
Government Approved SAM Listed Qualified Small Business