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99.9999% Kill Rate

Because we use a wide range of decontamination products and application techniques, we are able to achieve high-level kill rates of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms to prevent their spread and transmission.

Safe Disinfecting Products


Our preferred products have low toxicity ratings without harmful chemical residuals, which helps keep everyone safe.

affordable disinfection services

Affordable Services

The cost of treatments is much lower than the cost that occurs in the event of an outbreak. We work with your business to determine what kind of protection you need, and deliver it efficiently and cost effectively.

“Given the choice of improving technology or improving human behavior, technology is the better choice” – Dr. Bob Weinstein

ClorDiSys – Chlorine Dioxide Gas Decontamination

Your low risk option when you have to kill everything everywhere

Use: Sterilization

The ClorDiSys system is considered to be the industries’ most effective approach for eliminating harmful microorganisms that reside in difficult to reach areas and in high-risk situations where adverse biological occurrences have significant repercussions. As a true gas with even distribution characteristics and unparalleled penetration ability, ClorDiSys’ efficacy is not compromised by complex building geometries, intricate equipment designs, and common environmental conditions that limit the effectiveness of other technologies

Compared to other technologies, no cycle development time or validation phase is required in challenging applications prior to decontamination. This is an important factor when responding to high-risk decontamination situations where efficacy, time and cost are important considerations. When faced with unknown risks, the ClorDiSys method is the clear choice.

Validated Results in challenging applications

  • Registered with the EPA as a sterilant capable of killing all spores, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Effective in destroying hard to kill beta lactams and pinworm eggs
  • Nano size gas particles allows for complete decontamination in even the smallest and most difficult to access areas, including intricate equipment, HVAC systems, Hepa filters and Biosafety Cabinets
  • Large 4,400,000 Cu ft facilities with complex geometries can be decontaminated in one cycle
  • Results verified by using biological indicators placed in difficult to reach places which are inoculated with bacterial spores (Geobacilius stearothermophilus 10₆) known to be among the most difficult to destroy

Fast performance in real world situations

  • Flexible operating parameters where time and efficacy is not affected by the presence of light organic matter, biofilm, water or temperature gradients
  • Time and efficacy is not compromised by the volume of contents within the decontamination zone
  • Much faster treatment time when compared to either Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide or Formaldehyde

Safe on materials with minimal environmental impact

  • Safe treatment method rated as a Non-Carcinogen by the IARC and ACGIH where no harmful byproducts are generated or left behind
  • Proprietary residue free generation method permits the sterilization of high-value critical equipment, including electronics, without the risk of corrosion or premature failure
  • Low environmental impact technology earning approved listing on the USDA’s National Organic Programs list of Allowed and Prohibited Substances

Put Us To The Test: Free small batch testing is available to confirm any concerns regarding material compatibility

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Did you Know? ClorDiSys technology was originally developed to sterilize implantable contact lens, earning FDA approval as a residual free gas generation method.

ClorDiSys Decontamination Technology

Dry Fogging

Uses: Sanitization, Disinfection, & Sterilization

Dry fogging has emerged as the preferred technology for decontaminating small to medium sized rooms, buildings or confined spaces where time, cost, material compatibility and flexibility are important considerations. For these reasons, the technology has gained prominence in critical industries such as pharmaceuticals and animal research as a viable alternative to chemical decontamination methods utilizing vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) and micro-condensation. Today, Dry Fogging is used in all industries that require high efficacy results, fast turnaround times and cost effective decontamination solutions.

As the name implies, dry fogging avoids wetting the surface. This minimizes potential material compatibility issues, and avoids the long aeration cycles typical of other methods. No pre-conditioning of the room is required either, further reducing the treatment time. Using a variety of dry fogging systems permits us to use different chemicals, allowing us to match the appropriate disinfectant or sterilant with each client’s unique requirements. All this adds up to providing excellent value for our clients.

Validated results in typical applications

  • Effective in controlling or destroying bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores, including C-diff
  • Achieves sanitation, disinfection or sterilization results in small to medium size spaces
  • Efficacy results can be verified using biological indicators, chemical indicators and precise monitoring devices.

Fast results without the cost

  • Fast equipment set-up and minimal space pre-conditioning requirements allow us to treat a space quickly and pass the cost savings along to our clients
  • Dry fog technology minimizes the time consuming and costly aeration cycle
  • Ultra-fine dry fog quickly fills the space and remains suspended in the air for the proper amount of time, insuring that adequate contact times and efficacy results are achieved

Flexible treatment alternatives provide excellent value

  • A wide variety of EPA approved, low toxicity, non-corrosive disinfectants and sterilants are available, including Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracedic Acid/Hydrogen Peroxide blends, Chlorine Dioxide, Pharmaceutical grades, etc.
  • Our dry fogging equipment is suitable for use in pharmaceutical, clean room, biomedical, research or food facilities with autoclave requirements
  • Dry fogging can be combined with any of our treatment methods to meet each client’s performance and budgetary requirements

Did you Know? Our dry fog technology was developed in response to the international pharmaceutical communities’ need for a cost effective solution to achieve a 99.9999% bio-burden reduction of bacterial spores on a monthly basis.

Dry Fogging Decontamination Technology

Electrostatic Sprayer

The electrostatic sprayer is one of the most effective and economical application technologies available. Capable of delivering a wide range of disinfectants, the electrostatic sprayer takes a single drop of liquid and turns it into 900 positively charged droplets.

Those charged droplets are then attracted to the object or surface requiring disinfection, defying gravity in the process. Because of this, the electrostatic sprayer is able to reach areas that are frequently missed by traditional disinfection methods, including the underside, backside and crevasses of objects that harbor contamination.

When it comes to the droplets, size really does matter. Turning a single drop into 900 and propelling it at high velocity, means that you use much less disinfectant in the process. Ecosense clients can now afford to use disinfectants with the highest efficacy and safety ratings that would otherwise be too expensive if applied with traditional methods.

The benefits of electrostatic spraying:

  • Smaller droplets mean less product usage and less cost
  • Charged particles easily cover hard to reach places
  • Proper application ensures 100% coverage
  • Reduces potential for human error

The electrostatic sprayer is truly a revolution in infection control. Contact us today to see how we can put this amazing technology to work for you.

Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfecting Technology
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