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Our tailored services protect your business, reputation and profits from the devastating effects of a biological occurrence by killing and validating the destruction of up to 99.9999% of harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Step 1: Customized Bio-decontamination Services

Sterilization Services


Validated sterilization of critical rooms, buildings, equipment and any confined space.

Disinfection Services


Low to high level disinfection of buildings, equipment, vehicles, confined and open spaces.

Decontamination Planning & Preparation


Emergency bio-decontamination plan development for your business so you’re always prepared.

Step 2: Extended Anti-Microbial Surface Protection

Protection that Works 24/7

Biostat® anti-microbial treatments are revolutionizing the way we protect surfaces from harmful bacteria, mold and algae much in the same manner that Scotchguard® revolutionized protecting soft goods from stains. Originally developed by Dow Corning® and used to protect everything from women’s undergarments to surgical drapes, Biostat® is EPA registered as a bacteriostatic, fungistatic (mold & mildew) and algaestatic anti-microbial surface protectant for a wide range of hard and soft surfaces.

So what’s the big deal? Without Biostat®, within minutes after disinfecting an area, microbial activity immediately resumes along with the threat of spreading harmful contamination and reoccurring odors. With Biostat®, you remain protected for up to a year from many odors and a wide range of harmful contaminates including gram positive/negative bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses. Your area now has a protective coating minimizing the ability for harmful microbial growth and multiplication.

To learn more, read the Biostat® brochure.

The bottom line:

  • Continuous protection that lasts up to 1 year
  • Effective against a broad range of pathogens
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-adaptable, non-leaching product
  • Saves money by reducing temporary treatments and chemical use

Validated Proof

We provide documented results of a 6 log or 99.9999% microbial reduction by monitoring gas concentration levels during each treatment and by using biological indicators placed in difficult to reach places which are inoculated with bacterial spores known to be among the most difficult to destroy.

Save Time

We reduce the time and labor required to decontaminate your facility. Our no-touch technology works fast with minimal disruption to your schedule. And, we help you eliminate the redundant labor costs associated with manual secondary disinfection and sterilization cleaning steps.

Save Money

By outsourcing your biodecontamination services to Ecosense, you avoid having to purchase expensive equipment or increase your labor costs for enhanced manual cleaning that doesn’t pay off. And, because we offer plans tailored to your specific needs, we apply the right treatment without overtreating.

When To Use Us

We know that dealing with biodecontamination issues usually isn’t at the top of your priority list unless you’re operating in a highly regulated industry or faced with an emergency situation. But the reality is, cross contamination and the spread of harmful contamination is increasing in just about every industry.

Coupled by the fact that drug resistant microorganisms are compounding our attempt to protect ourselves, we’re now forced to start looking at better solutions in order to protect our health and our organizations’ financial well being from the devastating effects of biological contamination.

Let us help reduce your exposure to harmful contamination wherever it resides

  • Preventative or scheduled bio-burden reduction
  • Emergency bio-decontamination
  • Equipment decontamination prior to transfer or maintenance
  • Commissioning of new or renovated facilities
  • Decommissioning of facilities and equipment
  • Post annual maintenance or plant shut down decontamination
  • Product or animal colony change driven decontamination
  • Odor removal of large spaces
  • Rooms, buildings, equipment or any confined space

To learn more, check out our new biodecontamination brochure.

decontamination services

Some of the things we decontaminate

machinery-decontamination-servicesFactory Decontamination ServicesFarm Equipment Decontamination ServicesOffice Building Decontamination ServicesScientific Laboratory Decontamination ServicesHospital Decontamination ServicesAmbulance Decontamination ServicesSchool Decontamination ServicesNautical Boat Decontamination ServicesPrison Decontamination ServicesExercise Equipment & Gym Decontamination ServicesRestaurant Decontamination Services

What Makes Us Different

Your decontamination issues are unique and demand a solution that closely matches your needs. Contamination levels, sterility requirements, staff capabilities, facility design, time constraints, material compatibility issues, regulations, SOP’s, budgets and many other factors can significantly influence the effectiveness of each treatment method.

To meet your specific challenges, our approach is to help you select the best combination of bio-decontamination or sterilization treatment methods that fit your unique requirements rather than trying to use a “one size fits all” approach.

We accomplish this by designing custom treatment methods that draw from the industries widest range of treatment options including Gaseous Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor, Dry Aerosolized Fogging, Wet Fogging and Electrostatic Spraying among others.

As a result, our custom designed biodecontamination services closely match your unique efficacy requirements and avoid excess waste and unnecessary costs.

Ecosense Decontamination Services

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We saved over $70,000 using ClorDiSys. Nobody in the industry comes close to doing what you do.” – Plant Sanitation Manager at Bausch and Lomb

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