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We help schools and daycares keep their kids healthy and attendance rates high

About The Invisible Enemy

Bacteria and viruses that prey on children are stronger than ever. They travel faster, farther, and are becoming increasingly resistant traditional decontamination techniques. Much of what once worked to combat these dangerous microorganisms becomes less effective with every passing day.

Educational facilities of all kinds have a special duty to protect their students from the spread of disease. Recent advances in disinfectant and infection prevention techniques give administrators a great opportunity to keep students and staff happier and healthier by cutting down on transmission at their schools.

Ecosense Offers A Practical Solution

Enter Ecosense. We offer educational facilities of all types access to the world’s most modern decontamination and infection prevention technologies. We treat the surfaces in halls, classrooms, and athletic facilities in a way that makes them resistant to dangerous strains of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other types of contaminants. We build a shield that offers constant protection from infection, and we do so in a way that is verifiable and affordable.

Ecosense infection and control programs include the following:

  • Assessment and testing
  • State of the art products and equipment
  • Training and education
  • Monitoring and compliance

Contact us today to see how we can help keep your school or daycare center safe from infectious microorganisms. We offer free testing and risk assessments.

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We can achieve a 99.9999% bio-burden reduction of spores, bacteria, viruses and fungi hiding in difficult to reach areas.


Our treatments are applied quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing minimal downtime at your facility.


Our preferred products have low toxicity ratings without harmful chemical residuals, which helps keep everyone safe.


Our services are affordable and significantly less expensive than the cost of a recall or outbreak.

Decontamination Services For The Education Industry


Unfortunately, children and students bear more than their fair share of contagious illnesses, hindering academic achievement. When it happens, chances are good that it came from school. Schools tend to be breeding grounds for infectious outbreaks due to:

  • Close proximity to other students
  • Immature immune systems
  • Frequent contact with “high touch” shared surfaces that harbor dangerous pathogens

The same factors apply to educators, administration and other staff. The presence of harmful viruses, bacteria, and other microbes translates into missed school for students, and missed work for adults. This can become a major issue, as schools are under increasing pressure to keep their attendance rates high and meet standardized test scores.

At Ecosense, we offer a solution for schools that provides constant 24/7 protection against disease causing microorganisms. We can also work with your janitorial staff to ensure you are getting the most from their hard work.

Learn more about how we can reduce the spread of disease at your school by visiting our process page.

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Daycare Centers

Daycare centers can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses due to a number of factors:

  • Children lack basic hygienic practices – hand washing, bathroom habits, etc.
  • Need for physical contact
  • Touching “high contact” surfaces like toys and books

Sick kids touch things that others then touch and get sick. It’s natural, and something we’ve all experienced. Now there’s a better way to break the infection cycle and prevent cross contamination..

Ecosense has the technology to cut down on the transmission of disease at your daycare by treating your facilities with modern decontamination techniques that continue to work over time. And, we periodically check back in to test for harmful contamination and make sure that you’re teachers and children are well protected.

Athletic Facilities

The athletic facilities at your school, including gyms, wrestling mats, weight rooms, therapy equipment, pools, showers and locker rooms are hotbeds for germs and odors due to the sweat and perspiration produced during physical activity. Coupled with skin abrasions and open wounds, infections can multiply rapidly in this environment, leading to some very scary diseases such as MRSA.

We can provide you with a level of infection protection that works around the clock, killing bacteria (including those nasty locker room smells) and viruses on contact, all while being completely harmless to humans.

Learn more about decontamination for Athletic Facilities.

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Our Decontamination and Prevention Services Target:

Bacterial Endospores
Myco Bacteria
Small Non-Enveloped Viruses
Fungi & Mold
Gram (-) Negative Bacteria
Gram (+) Positive Bacteria
Large Non-Enveloped Viruses
Enveloped Viruses
Beta Lactums & Pinworms

From the easiest to destroy lipid viruses to the most difficult to kill bacterial spores, we craft a custom tailored plan which will protect your business from harmful contamination and save you time & money

Tailored Decontamination and Protection Plans

Ecosense disinfection process

Free Assessments

We offer free assessments of your exposure to harmful contamination by measuring the contamination levels at various locations throughout your facility. Based on your risk assessment, we put together a plan to help your facility fight harmful contamination and the spread of infection.


We decontaminate your facility using state of the art technologies and target dangerous microorganisms wherever they reside.

Long-Term Surface Protection

Our anti-microbial treatments, when applied after disinfection, provide an ongoing layer of protection against the invisible enemy. We’ll take follow up readings every 3 months to help ensure you’re protected over time. We’ll also train and work with your staff to ensure they’re doing all they can to reduce the threat of contamination.

Contact us today to see how we can help keep your education or daycare facility safe from infectious disease outbreaks.

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