Contract Sterilization Services

with ClorDiSys Chlorine Dioxide Gas

We Protect the Sterility of Your Critical Environment

from exposure to harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and high-risk contamination

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Contract Sterilization Decontamination Chamber

The Performance You Demand in Real World Conditions

  • Moisture Senstitive Items
  • Fast Turnaround Requirements
  • Heat Sensitive Parts
  • Sterility Must Be Held Until Use
  • Intricate & Complex Designs
  • High Value Items
  • Corrosion Sensitive Components
  • High Potency/Risk Contamination

What We Do

Let us help you sterilize your products, supplies and equipment at the Ecosense facility located in Cleveland Ohio before they contaminate your facility. We can sterilize small batch items in our decontamination chamber or can easily accommodate large pieces of equipment by constructing a custom size fumigation tent.

Ecosense utilizes the ClorDiSys chlorine gas sterilization method which provides a superior alternative for decontaminating equipment and critical items that are not suitable, or economically viable, to treat using autoclaving, gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide gas (ETO), or electron beam methods. Unlike many chemical decontamination technologies, the ClorDiSys method does not require a cycle validation step, insuring that sterility results are achieved the first time.

This is where the ClorDiSys sterilization method shines. As a true gas with flexible treatment parameters, performance is not compromised by hidden microscopic contamination, difficult to reach areas, equipment loading patterns, biofilms, light organic matter, residual water and temperature/humidity gradients. The precise nature of the ClorDiSys decontamination method allows us to control and monitor high gas concentration levels, which is imperative for successfully denaturing unwanted high risk/high potency proteins and amino acid based contamination.

When to Use Us

Preventative Equipment Decontamination

  • Used Equipment Purchases
  • Facility to Facility Transfers
  • After Return of Repaired Items
  • Intricate & Complex Designs
  • High-Profile PCR Applications

Sterilization Required in Non-Sterile Facilities

  • Medical Devices
  • Critical Instruments
  • Hepa Filters
  • Sterilizing Filters
  • Critical Applications

Sterilization Required in Aseptic Processing Environments

  • Electronic Devices & Tools
  • Monitoring Instruments
  • Microscopes
  • Animal Cages
  • Non-Sterile Supplies

Decontamination of Contaminated Components

  • Returns from User Sites
  • Mold Issues
  • Pinworm Eggs
  • Beta Lactams & API’s
  • PCR Amplicons

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Supplemental Contract Sterilization Services

Packaging Options to Maintain Sterility

  • Single wrap items in Tyvek®- Component stays sterile during return shipment
  • Double wrap items in Tyvek®- Component and inside packaging remains sterile during return shipment
  • No Tyvek® wrapping- Requirement only to eliminate unique contamination
Contract Sterilization Wrapping Packaging
Contract Sterilization Biological Indicators

Efficacy Validation Options

  • Place biological indicator inside chamber to validate process
  • Insert biological indicator inside Tyvek® layer as further validation
  • No biological indicator, just use parametric release based on
    concentration monitoring
  • With each treatment, a certification sheet is issued documenting
    the process parameters and validating the sterilization cycle data

Equipment Pre-Cleaning and Sanitization Options

  • Properly prepare surface prior to sterilization
  • Foam items with enzymatic, alkaline or acid based cleaners
  • Power wash equipment to remove heavy contamination
  • Dry steam clean moisture sensitive equipment
  • Apply sanitizer or disinfectant for lower efficacy applications
Contract Sterilization Equipment Pre Cleaning and Sanitization

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