Ecosense keeps the food we eat safe by reducing contamination at food manufacturing plants and restaurants throughout Northeastern Ohio

About The Invisible Enemy

Bacteria and viruses that prey on food and people are stronger than ever. They travel faster, farther, and are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics and traditional disinfection techniques. Much of what once worked to combat these dangerous microbes becomes less effective with every passing day.

Restaurants and food manufacturing facilities have a special duty to protect the public from contamination. The FDA, health departments and many religious practices have set high standards for businesses in the food industry in an effort to reduce health risks for consumers and adhere to strict religious practices.

Ecosense Offers A Practical Solution

Enter Ecosense. We offer food manufacturers and restaurants of all types access to the world’s most modern decontamination and infection prevention technologies. We treat the surfaces in your building and vehicles in a way that makes them resistant to dangerous strains of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other types of contaminants. We build a shield for your business that offers constant protection, and we do so in a way that is verifiable and affordable.

Ecosense infection and control programs include the following:

  • Assessment and testing
  • State of the art products and equipment
  • Training and education
  • Monitoring and compliance

Contact us today to see how we can help keep your food manufacturing plant or restaurant safe from infectious microorganisms. We offer free testing and risk assessments.

Foodservice contamination prevention servicesbiodecontamination and sterilization


We can achieve a 99.9999% bio-burden reduction of spores, bacteria, viruses and fungi hiding in difficult to reach areas.


Our treatments are applied quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing minimal downtime at your facility.


Our preferred products have low toxicity ratings without harmful chemical residuals, which helps keep everyone safe.


Our services are affordable and significantly less expensive than the cost of a recall or outbreak.

Decontamination Solution For The Foodservice Industry

Food Manufacturers

Food is vulnerable to microbial contamination during production and transportation, which can lead to food-borne illness outbreaks, spoilage, product recall, and damage to your brand. We work with a range of food producers to prevent contamination from happening in the first place by using the world’s most advanced and effective decontamination techniques. We can help you decontaminate your:

  • Food production facilities and storage areas
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Reusable packaging containers (RPC’s)

Our services help protect your product and your workforce. Our disinfection prevention program helps keep your employees from getting sick, cutting down on employee absenteeism, and maximizing production. Our anti-microbial process provides you with 24/7 protection between cleanings.

Food Manufacturer Decontamination and Prevention
Restaurant Disinfection and Decontamination


We can help your restaurant or banquet facility meet and exceed the high standards for cleanliness set by the Department of Health, and prevent contamination from happening in the first place. Our infection prevention program will set up a shield that provides 24/7 protection from harmful microorganisms by killing them instantly the moment they land on a surface. Our disinfectants kill up to 99.999% of germs in 30 seconds with no rinse required and carry EPA and NSF sanitization ratings for food contact and non-food contact surfaces. And rest assured, our products won’t degrade your fixtures or furnishings like bleach, leaving your profits where they belong, to you.

Ecosense also offers training on traditional cleaning best practices for your employees that will help to keep your kitchen, dining room and lounge free from harmful contaminants between treatments.

To learn more about how we can help your business, visit our process page.

Restaurant Playgrounds

Restaurant playgrounds are a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms, and need to be disinfected regularly. Children are frequent carriers of infectious germs and viruses that can quickly spread throughout a playground, making frequent cleaning a necessity. Many restaurants have chosen to remove their playgrounds due to the associated risks and costs, which is unfortunate because of their popularity and attraction to customers. We have a better idea.

Ecosense will keep your restaurant’s playground safe for kids and parents, and provide you and your customers with peace of mind. Our antimicrobial treatments will install a barrier of protection that’s totally safe for kids, but devastating to harmful microbes. Display our treatment badge to differentiate your business and retain a loyal customer base.

Restaurant Playground Disinfection

Our Decontamination and Prevention Services Target:

Bacterial Endospores
Myco Bacteria
Small Non-Enveloped Viruses
Fungi & Mold
Gram (-) Negative Bacteria
Gram (+) Positive Bacteria
Large Non-Enveloped Viruses
Enveloped Viruses
Beta Lactums & Pinworms

From the easiest to destroy lipid viruses to the most difficult to kill bacterial spores, we craft a custom tailored plan which will protect your business from harmful contamination and save you time & money

Tailored Decontamination and Protection Plans

Ecosense disinfection process

Free Assessments

We offer free assessments of your exposure to harmful contamination by measuring the contamination levels at various locations throughout your facility. Based on your risk assessment, we put together a plan to help your facility fight harmful contamination and the spread of infection.


We decontaminate your facility using state of the art technologies and target dangerous microorganisms wherever they reside.

Long-Term Surface Protection

Our anti-microbial treatments, when applied after disinfection, provide an ongoing layer of protection against the invisible enemy. We’ll take follow up readings every 3 months to help ensure you’re protected over time. We’ll also train and work with your staff to ensure they’re doing all they can to reduce the threat of contamination.

Contact us today to see how we can help keep your foodservice facility safe from infectious disease outbreaks.

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