Infectious Outbreak Emergency Services

We have the resources to control and contain infectious outbreaks of any size

Quick Responses To Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Flu Virus Outbreaks

Flu Outbreaks

MRSA Outbreak

MRSA Outbreaks

C.Diff Outbreaks

C-Diff Outbreaks

Infectious disease outbreaks

Other Outbreaks

If you are experiencing an outbreak,contact us immediately.

Hospital Acquired Infections Are A Problem

Deaths from healthcare infections per year (U.S.)

Deaths from breast cancer per year (U.S.)

Deaths from automobile accidents per year (U.S.)

Deaths from HIV per year (U.S.)

Let us help your hospital, community health center, or outpatient facility reduce the spread of HAI’s and CAI’s.

We Treat Outbreaks Both Large and Small

How We Treat Outbreaks

At Ecosense, we are capable of decontaminating facilities where infectious outbreaks have occurred and stopping many pathogens from being able to reproduce on hard and soft surfaces for up to a year with our anti-microbial treatment.

DPI Network Alliance Member

DPI is an International Alliance of select certified decontamination specialists. Members are made up of independent companies that respond to critical decontamination situations, consult, or offer services to prevent contamination. As a member, we are able to call on other members from around the United States and pool our resources to respond to large outbreak situations. DPI members have dealt with many types of outbreaks and bio-terrorism threats, including Ebola and Anthrax.

Infectious Outbreak Control